Yerwal Estate Simmentals

Into the Future

South Australia’s Yerwal Estate is what you’d call a highly diversified cattle farming operation. Not only do principal, Regan Burow, and his father Trevor operate three registered cattle studs they also farm cattle commercially and have a grain fed feedlot operation.

At Yerwal Estate all of the commercial progeny are short term grain fed for the butcher trade, namely Margaret Street Meat, Mount Gambier who market the renowned “Terrarossa Beef” label. This brand is widely used in gourmet butchers, high-class restaurants and hotels throughout Australia as well as retailed locally.

Regan has a ‘hands on’ approach to the business; and the feedlot cattle allow him to see first hand whether his stud breeding program is producing results. Ultimately Yerwal Estate’s aim is to offer high performance, affordable bulls from proven genetics that produce profitable, functional cattle for any conditions.

In keeping with this philosophy, during 2007 Yerwal Estate purchased Woonallee Africa from Tom, Lizzie and Marg Baker following private negotiations. Being a full South African blood import ‘Africa’ has generated huge interest within the industry which is now backed up by impressive progeny with a dominant colour pattern and rapid growth. His great balance, muscling and softness combined with his docile temperament make him a fantastic addition and promises an exciting future.

The Yerwal Estate product continues to develop. Additional stud sires are adding diversification, outcrossed genetics and polled genetics. Notable inclusions are permanent residents Woonallee Africa (as previously mentioned) plus Woonallee A9, Barana Brandberg B052 (poll) and Wirrabilla Zeus Z020 (scur). AI and ET programs have also used Woonallee Gladiator and Woonallee Massie.

Brandberg’s performance is yet to be proven and the expectations are high. Progeny are eagerly awaited to see if his positive traits follow through. Specifically Regan is looking for polled calves with dark red slick coats and full eye pigmentation that are well muscled with a docile temperament.

On the flip side, Wirrabilla Zeus has already proven his worth with an exceptional line up of calves exhibiting excellent growth, muscle and phenotype with approximately 50% of his progeny polled.

All in all the future at Yerwal Estate Simmentals looks bright with an abundance of new and proven genetics designed to lift this seed stock producer to the next level. And with a company direction of supplying elite Simmental genetics at affordable prices, public interest is expected to be high.